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{ In the News }

  • Wired article "The Hyper-Efficient, Highly Scientific Scheme to Help the World’s Poor". Read more.
HBS Healthcare Club
  • HBS Healthcare Club donates $5,000 to TAMTAM. Read more.
Greg Mankiw Michael Kremer
  • Harvard economists Greg Mankiw and Michael Kremer recommend TAMTAM. Read more.
Nicholas Kristof
  • New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof recommends TAMTAM. Read more.
Esther Duflo
  • MIT economist Esther Duflo describes TAMTAM project in TED Talk. Watch.
Esther Hsu Paul Wang
  • TAMTAM team members Esther Hsu and Paul Wang write about "Fighting Malaria from Business School" in Harvard Business School's student weekly. Read more.
Elana Safran
  • TAMTAM team member Elana Safran writes about "A Lingering Pest: Malaria in Africa" in the Harvard Kennedy School Review. Read more.