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{ What Others Say }

Paska, 30-year-old mother of 2 children ages 18 months and 4 years old, Mukono district, Uganda:

"I didn't think malaria was a problem. But now I have children and I have seen them suffer so much, which proves to me that malaria is a deadly disease. I think everyone wants a net but some cannot afford. When you get used to sleeping under a net, you feel bad sleeping without."

Jerry Dreifuss, TAMTAM Donor, Switzerland:

"TAMTAM's approach is straightforward and effective in the fight against malaria. I support their work because of the urgent need to prevent malaria through the proper use of bed nets, especially among the most vulnerable of Africa's population."

Adri Kofmehl, TAMTAM Donor, United States:

"TAMTAM is great because its approach is simple yet effective and I know exactly what my donation will be used for. This clearly differentiates TAMTAM from the many NGOs that spend donations on administration, marketing and projects lacking transparency regarding cost and outcomes."